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Total Drama Elements of Harmony

Journal Entry: Sun Sep 21, 2014, 9:31 PM

After my last tumblr post, I thought about it and decided I have to discuss this and my personal choices. Basically, a discussion of who, if they were ponies/if TD had the EoH, would be what Element of Harmony from MLP (as if you didn’t know that). I’ll define my vision of what the elements mean,


Honesty is not only being honest to others and helping others be honest, it’s making sure people are true to themselves as well. Helping them up and showing them who they honestly are. It doesn’t mean that you never tell a lie, but it means that when it comes down to brass tacks, you will tell the truth and help your friends.

Candidates: Trent or Sky. Trent for being honest about his feelings, and also honest when being turned down. He’s courteous and has huge problems with others lying to each other. Sky because of her honest attempts to tell Dave the truth, no matter how much he kept her from saying what she wanted.

Final Choice: This one was tough because honestly is not common in Total Drama, by principle. It’s a show about deception and every character has in some way been dishonest, hiding their feelings, lying to others, or just being in denial of their true nature. So no one could really perfectly fit the concept of honesty, because there’s no character who is truly never lied. But then again, Applejack has lied over and over, but when it comes down to it, she is honest. So I have to chose Sky. She is dishonest, but she tried her best to be honest with Dave, even when he doesn’t let her. Even if she lead him on, she was always honest about it, telling him straight out that she liked him, but that she wasn’t going to go out with him. She tried to tell him she had a boyfriend and she was brutally honest when rejecting him. She lied only by commission, because Dave never let her say the full truth, although she lead him on in the finale, but again, not a single Element of Harmony has been fully true to their elements; Rarity is greedy sometimes, Applejack lies, Rainbow Dash abandons her friends, and Pinkie Pie lets her own pride get in the way of others happiness. So being dishonest is not an exclusion for the element of Honesty. She’s also very against cheating and for fair, honest play. So Sky, counter-intuitively, is my choice for Honesty.


Kindness is, well, a mixture of almost all of the other elements. It means giving like Generosity, making others happy like Laughter, being honest like, well, Honesty, and being brave like Loyalty. But essentially, it means being helpful and kind to others, but not only that, but looking out for their best interests even when it means not doing the nice thing. It’s doing the right thing to make others lives better.

Candidates: Dawn, Ella, Beth, Bridgette and Jasmine. Dawn and Ella because of their similarity to Fluttershy, Beth because of her nice nature, Bridgette for her activism and kindness, and Jasmine for being helpful and her interactions with Sammy.

Final Choice: This one was harder than most for the opposite reason of Honesty, too many candidates, but I think, with my definition of Kindness, I’m going to go with Jasmine. I know it’s a little unconventional, what with Ella and Dawn being the most obvious choices, what with their similarity to Fluttershy, but that’s not what this is about. It’s about whether they fit the element, not whether they fit the pony who represents it. Ella and Dawn are both extremely kind, but Ella is too meek to fit the second part of my definition of kindness, she wouldn’t be able to force others to do something for their own good, she’s too oblivious. Dawn is similar to Fluttershy in her communications with animals, but she’s actually not that kind. I’m not saying she isn’t kind, but she’s honestly more of a passive observer than a helper. She’s really a representation of either True Neutral or Neutral Good on the scale of alignment. She doesn’t get involved with others, not helping or hurting. Jasmine is honest, she helps Sammy stand up for herself and doesn’t coddle her. She tells Sammy straight out that the first person who can stand up for her is herself. She is kind, but she makes sure that Sammy isn’t dependent on her to protect herself, she helps her understand how to stand on her own. She also makes sure that Scarlett’s ideas are heard, she helps others, she is kind and motherly. Good on you, Jasmine. You’re the Element of Kindness.


Laughter is similar to Kindness in that it is about making others happy. But while Kindness is caring for others and their needs, even if the person doesn’t want what they need, Laughter is about making others happy, from laughter to just being a kind, happy person and spreading that to others.

Candidates: Geoff, Izzy, Owen. Geoff for his happy go lucky party attitude, Izzy for her similarity to Pinkie, and Owen for… being Owen.

Final Choice: Geoff might have won if Owen wasn’t around or he had not gone all ‘Captain Hollywood’ on everyone for a while. But Owen… Owen is best pony. Owen might actually be a better fit for the Element of Laughter than Pinkie Pie is, actually. Hear me out before you kill me, Pinkie Pie fans, but Pinkie isn’t always the best element of laughter; she’s prone to accidentally hurting others with her words (Filli Vanilli), and she has a tendency to judge others and leap to conclusions that accuse innocent ponies of guilt (MMMMystery on The Friendship Express) or shunning others with no evidence (Zecora), but she is great at being Laughter, don’t get me wrong. Owen, on the other hand, lives in a world infinitely worse than Equestria, where there are genuinely awful people who you NEED to judge, he still doesn’t judge others. Even when he shouldn’t, he is everyone’s friend. Even people like Chris, Alejandro or Heather, he still is friends with them because he is JUST. THAT. NICE. Call it a lack of good judgement, but that is the embodiment of laughter. He doesn’t judge anyone, he tries his best to make EVERYONE happy, no matter what the situation. His plan for the money was to throw a giant party and invite everyone he could. Also, remember, when strapped into an electric chair and asked whether he was mad at Chef because his jaw was busted by him he honestly said no and wasn’t shocked. When asked what his biggest problem was in his opinion, he said that he thought he was too critical of others right before complimenting Bridgette. He tries to make Noah laugh constantly, he has a terrible sense of humor, that despite being dumb, means that he’ll laugh with anyone about anything. He doesn’t disclude anyone from anything he does, again, even when he honestly should. Look, Owen is really fucking important is what I’m trying to say here.


Generosity is not just giving money or objects to others, the Element of Generosity gives to others no matter what the cost to themselves might be. They will throw themselves into making things for others, even at the sake of their own personal lives, just to give to others. Generosity is caring for others, even if it is at your expense. Generosity is giving to others without expecting anything in return.

Candidates: Sam, Cameron, or Lindsay.. Sam for being pretty much the most selfless person around, Cameron for giving most of the million up to his fellow contestants, and Lindsay for being kind and helpful, giving things to others, even if they don’t really deserve it.

Final Choice: I guess the obvious choice would be Cameron, considering that he gave his money up to share with everyone, but… I’m going to say Sam. I swear, this isn’t favoritism here. Cameron gave away money, but Sam gave HIMSELF up. Cameron is actually selfish sometimes, which isn’t an exclusive thing, Rarity has often been greedy, but he doesn’t really fit as well as Sam does, to me. Sam, as I continue to bring up because no one seems to appreciate the implications of this as much as I do, offered himself up for Boney Island willingly. When he was basically dying of bloodloss and too anemic to move, he, when his team was asked who was going to Boney Island, offered to go himself because he thought he didn’t do enough to help them. No one else had spoken, and he gave himself up without anyone suggesting it. Not only that, but he, again, ‘didn’t do enough’ because HE WAS DYING OF BLOODLOSS AND WAS BARELY ABLE TO MOVE BECAUSE OF IT. And yet he actually attempted to dig anyway, despite his nearly dead state of affairs. Like a fucking boss.


Loyalty is defined here as the willingness to throw yourself to the wind to save your friends, to sacrifice your own safety or livelihood for the good of your friends. It’s similar to Generosity, but it’s more focused on actions of sacrifice than acts of selflessness (there is a difference)

Candidates: Sierra, Brick, Tyler and Leshawna. Sierra for her obsession with protecting Cody and eternal loyalty to him, no matter what or how many times he rejects her. Brick for his selfless sacrifice and courage, Tyler for never leaving Lindsay and never leaving a teammate behind, even to the point of throwing himself at an electric fence to save Owen (no matter how stupid it turned out to be) and Leshawna for sticking behind her friends no matter what

Final Choice: Brick. There… There was no real chance for anyone else to win this. This was made for Brick. Tyler or Leshawna might have won if this was only the original contestants, but Brick on the other hand, blows everyone else out of the water. He sacrificed the win and the million to save his former teammates, and he could have even sacrificed his life if he wasn’t fast enough, dying of radiation poison to save them. He’s kind, helpful, and a perfect embodiment of the idea of Loyalty. Brick is amazing.


This one is tough to put down, because magic doesn’t exist in the TD world, but how I’m going to define Magic is that it is literally the essence of friendship itself, because, well, friendship is magic. It’s in the title and everything.. It’s also knowledge and study, determination and perseverance, and finally, it is the spark itself, the realization that friendship is what brought you to where you are. So it’s not only the element of Friendship, but the Element of Learning.

Candidates: Gwen and Cameron. Gwen because she is friends with most and has determination to succeed. Cameron because of his similarity to Twilight Sparkle.

Final Choice: This is actually extremely tough, because no one on this show is truly magic or friends with everyone (besides Owen, but he’s the element of Laughter), so I can’t truly decide. But…. I guess I’ll go with Cameron. Again, this is tough, but Cameron is very similar to Twilight Sparkle, he starts the series alone with no friends and no experience in making them, but over the course of his season, grows to learn what friendship means. And in the end, as mentioned above, he realizes that because of the show, he doesn’t need the money, and says that he could have never done it without all of his friends, which is exactly what Twilight realizes to activate the elements. He gives to everyone what he won and cemented his learning. He is learning friendship, just like Twilight is, and that’s why he is the Element of Magic


Goddamnit there are four guys and two girls! Oh well, the Mane 6 are all girls, so I guess it’s more gender equal than the original.

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